Monday, February 8, 2010

New To Know: The Fools + Lookbook + April Smith

The Fools
The Fools are a Brooklyn duo that, upon first listen, took me back to the early days of Righteous Babe Records, Lilith Fair and Tracy Chapman. When good strong female singers tapped a soulful vein but weren't afraid to really rock out. Jen and Uchenna first met at Rutgers U but they didn't start playing music together until they both moved to NY after college. With Jen on guitar and Uchenna on bass they've matured into quite the bluesy duo. It's not terribly complicated just earthy and enjoyable. The duo currently gigs all over NY so if you're in the area be sure to check out one of their shows.
Good Day

This group is my new obsession. Everything about their high energy synth pop sits well with me. Its got the essential spaztic bump to get a dance party reved up and the kind of clean power vocals that you can't help but jump in on the action. The Minneapolis act consists of Maggie Morrison, rocking the lead vocals and Grant Cutler, on the "beats." Morrison has a direct line to the pop greats of the 80's. Her vocals croon and sail over the dream electroscape created by Cutler's instrumentals. If I were to actually reveal the number of times I've blasted Wild At Heart and danced around my apartment I'd be exposing a little to much of my crazy chic underbelly than is appropriate on this here blog. But, trust me, it's a lot.
Yesterday's Company

April Smith
Toms River, NJ is responsible for yet another fantastically addictive talent on the scene right now. April Smith, like her fellow Riverians River City Junction, has a penchant for up beat good time music. The girl's got pipes; the kinda of vocal strength that allows her to carry off a flawless retro swing sound while still instilling it with a distinctive indie pop freshness. She comes from the kind of hippie/ folk rock up bringing as I but she's managed to use that rootsy influence to ground her music in a classic appeal. It's the confidence in her voice that keeps her music from simple mimicry. She just did a grand Daytrotter session but here is a track of her new album Songs For  sinking Ship.  

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