Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Covered In Snow

Like a whole lotta other folks I've been snowed in today as waves of ice rain, sleet and snow wallop Philly. Snow Days were a rare treat when I was a kid; in Minnesota they pretty much only cancel school when the temps are so cold it is dangerous to be outside. On those chilly days when they did let us stay home my sisters and I would round up our friends and we'd do movie marathons at our house. This usually also included a smorgasbord of comfort food and break to go outside for a little energy release. I have many fond memories of those cozy days with my friends and fam.

The magic is decidedly less palpable as an adult, in particularly an adult who works from home. This morning I was made a little cranky by the prospect of being trapped inside with my work. I'm headed up to Vermont for the weekend so I have scads of work to do before I leave. But, after powering through a good bit of my "to do" list with the help of my stand bys (Ida Maria, Queen, Lookbook and Abba) I was able to settle in and enjoy watching the snow pile up outside. While my chillaxed approach to work after that point, paired with a little whiskey means I still have stuff to knock out yet tonight I thought I would take a moment to provide you all a little Covered In Snow mixtape. Whether you too are tucked in your house for the night or looking out at a sunny sky here is a mix for you.
Lazy (Low) - Mark Kozelek
Winter White Hymnal (Fleet Foxes) - Dirty Mittens
It's Oh So Quiet (Bjork) - Bell
Winter (Tori Amos) - The Accidentals (2004)
Blowin In The Wind (Bob Dylan) - Sam Cooke
Streets of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen) - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Northern Sky (Nick Drake) - Denison Witmer
Nothing Better (Postal Service) - Ben Gibbard & Jenny Lewis
Some Things Last A Long Time (Daniel Johnston) - Doug Martsch
(thanks to Sheenabeaston for that last one)

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