Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Assortment of Informations: A Sunny Day In Glasgow + Weathervane + Rosie & Me + Vinyl & Vodka

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
One of my fav Philly acts has created a really awesome video for their single So Bloody So Tight. They're currently on the road for a bit of epic touring so do your best to check them out, that is if they don't disappear into the surroundings. 

Rosie & Me
I received a delightful email from Rosie & Me last week with their new EP Bird & The Whale enclosed. As I expected the 5 tracks contained therein were fantastic. Their playfulness is intact as are the simple twee leaning lyrics. Heres a taste but I strongly recommend you go get the rest and stock up on their older stuff too.
Weathervane/ Shaking Through News

Following on the tails of Sharon Van Etten's session Weathervane, in partnership with WXPN, announced the second artist to be included in the Shaking Through series. Sonoi ,a rock trio from Chicago, was selected by Daniel Smith (Danielson) who is curating the first season. You can check out their studio session as well as their single (below). 
Shaking Through: Sonoi from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

Micro Coliseum

Vinyl & Vodka Magazine vol 2

Finally, the second issue of Vinyl & Vodka has been released. Continuing with the quality content and also with the accompanying Vodcast. This time dedicating their work to Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer who took his life earlier this month. It is a great read so give it a perusal.

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