Sunday, June 14, 2009

SHOWS!!! White Rabbits at Johnny Brenda's

Despite chaos being the general theme in my life for the last few weeks I have still managed to maintain a pretty healthy show schedule. The upside of this is that music keeps me sane and grounded the downside is I have so much to write about but not enough time to write it. That being said, I am still going to give you reviews they're just going to be a little on the brief side.

White Rabbits
@ Johnny Brendas
After having seen the White Rabbits play the Bowery I knew going in to this show it was going to be interesting considering they are six very active musicians and Johnny Brenda's stage is the size of a postage stamp. Watching them set up was a demonstration in physics as they unfolded their piano (a rather crafty little set up that goes from box to full key board in seconds), assembled gear and literally piled instruments on top of each other. You could tell they were a little curious themselves to see how they would roc the stage. However, any signs of hesitance were completely absent as they launched immediately into their set.

To be honest, much of what I wrote in my first review of their live show held true for this set. They are amazingly full of energy and talent and their live show is the absolute best way to experience all of what they have to offer. They played pretty much the same set list, which is to be expected of a band touring to support their first big album, and did so without a hint of routine or automation. What was truly awesome to watch was the way they maneuvered through the confines of the space. They all still exchanged instruments, danced with each other and played in their distinct full body style. The crowd was right there with them, dancing and singing along. When the much hyped Percussion Gun came on there was a riot of cheers and grooving. I have a feeling this will be the last time these guys play a small Philly venue. My prediction: next time it'll be the Troc or the Electric Factory.

They're out there wandering the country right now so find out if they're playing near you and go hunt down some Rabbits.

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