Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remix Rehash: Buffet Libre + Sammy Bananas + Skinny Friedman

Buffet Libre
Who Will (Buffet Libre Remix) - Patrick Wolf
Here is a delicious bite of remix action from the fellas of Buffet Libre. Its got a nice synth pop coating around group harmonies. Puts a nice spin on Wolf's original.

Sammy Bananas
The Reeling (Sammy Banana Big Choon Mix) - Passion Pit
Waiting out the manic drops of Passion Pit remixes Sammy comes through with a well thought out edit of The Reeling. Establishing a echo-y base to reanimate the stems. It almost has a montage quality build. One of the best PP's remix attempt in my opinion.

Skinny Friedman
Moth Wings (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)- Passion Pit
Skinny's remapping of Moth's Wings is subtle but whip smart. Rustling the plumage of this track push it in the right spots and making a little more epic. The tiniest changes give it fresh layers and make you really listen hard to both this and the original. Contrast, compare & discuss!

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