Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My nibble my nosh

I put some thought into what I wanted my first play list to be. Should I go epic with tunes I consider essential? Should I go with a theme? Should I grab bits from shows I have seen in the last few months?

Well the spinner landed on songs that are new to me with lyrics that just get me. So, without further nonesense...

Frightened Rabbit is one of my favorite discoveries of the last few months. I went through an Irish musician phase a few months back (a combined reaction to the movie Once and emusic's regional search capability)and these fellas came out of the shake. They are just getting rumblings in the US and I am beyond excited to see them at the First Unitarian Church on Friday. Their album A Midnight Organ Fight is spectacular and backwards walk has become my favorite track. Lyrically its very simple but well crafted. "I'm working hard on walking out. Shoes keep sticking to the ground. My clothes won't let me close the door. The trousers seem to love your floor."

Backwards Walk

The lead singer for The National could sing the yellopages and I'd hang on every syllable so the fact that their lyrics are actually really great makes it that much easier to adore them. While I find Star A War to be a solid track its Slow Show that is, in my mind, a complete package. The music builds and carries you through the song and feeling of just wanting to get through a day to hurry home to someone to "crack them up"ie. be silly is one that I completely identify with.

Slow Show

Los Campesinos make me smile. They are pure simple smart fun pop music. I thoroughly enjoy when a song has a catchy tune and intelligent words to propel it along. I sure hope these kids continue to the do these things in flats.

...And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison

Bruce Springsteen is a GOD this is something I have only recently fully realized and that is due in large part to discovering Matthew Nathanson's cover of Thunder Road. Springsteen crafts a story so sweet and true you can see the scenes play out in your head. "What else can we do now Cept roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair well the nights busted open these two lanes will take us anywhere."This is the kind of song I'm pretty sure my Mom would have listened to on a hot summer in the big yellow house in Kalispell.

Nathanson is an artist who does a lot of covers (Atlantic City,another Springsteen must listen) and does them well. His own stuff ain't half bad either. It would be worth your time to track some of it down.

Thunder Road

This song could be the anthem for my life the last couple of weeks. Breaking it down to celebrating the "irony everything is going wrong but we're so happy" encapsulates my approach to survival. The fantabulous driving guitars and bass drum keep you bopping your head and singing it on the most challenging of days.

Lets Dance To Joy Division

As I culled these from my list of frequently played I realized this may have to be an on going series. But for now enjoy them for what they are and if you like 'em go buy em.


Anonymous said...

Frightened Rabbit is actually a Scottish band, but I loved the post otherwise!

Emma said...

Thanks for the note. I have been righted in my categorization of FR (see )

But thanks for reading!