Friday, December 4, 2009

New To Know: We Are The Willows + Motorbikes + Sunset

We Are The Willows
It takes a man dedicated to his art to cast aside social norms, embrace this childlike voice and see what it can do. Peter Miller is such a man. First begun as a side project (Miller is the front man of Red Fox Grey Fox it now holds its own very distinct place in the musical goings on. Miller captured sounds from all over the Twin Cities; the whoosh of the light rail, birds chirping, etc. Matched with his tender and reflective lyrics to create an album that is really a aural tour through his world. Miller's voice is unique (just listen to it and you'll know what I mean) and throughout A Collection Of Sounds And Something Like The Plague it makes pleas, confessions and wails that highlight its intricate potential. I really cannot wait to see We Are The Willows live now that I have had the album on reply pretty consistently for the last two weeks. I sense there are even greater depths to them live. 
A Funeral Dressed As A Birthday

This group is tight and delightful and fun and needs to start putting out more material stat. Fronted by a chap named Paul (who's from Arkansas btw) Motorbikes isn't working to push new sonic horizons rather to create delectably smart tunes. Each a nice little package that sits well in your ear but also offers space for your mind to wander. They have one album to get you started but I'd like to politely request another soon.

Two Tempos

I had the real pleasure to catch the fellas of Sunset a few weeks back at the Weather Vane Music fundraiser. While there was already an undeniable good vibe humming through Johnny Brenda's that night these guys brought their own up tempo good times. There are a whole mess of bands bringing back the classic 70's rock sound with varying degrees of success. When it comes to their chilled out instrumental riffs Sunset places themselves near the front of the retro pack. They carve out some distinction with well written and more modernly indie lyrics and vocal performance. Playing with echoey effects at times and dabbling in breathy ethereal delivery at others. I think we shall be hearing a lot more for this Austin band in the tens.
Green Truck

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