Friday, December 4, 2009

Get Slimed Tonight

Some of my absolute favorite Philly acts are gathering tonight at The Khyber for what promises to be a block rocking good time (not to mention a quick hop for First Friday activities in Olde City). Be there, get silly and GET SLIMED.

Chang Chang
Kinda like watching a kid masturbate with his own tears in front of his mom. Some rapping may ensue but more than likely ending in a pissy stage. Every wonder who buys those expired stacker2’s from the dollar shore. Sold out.

Grind with your goth girlfriend while contemplating how you will kill your parents in their sleep. Dance your shit off, blogs can't see you!

Man Like Machine
Never will you ever see more panties and bras be thrown on stage by girls who had no clue they just threw their panties and bras on stage. More rock band then you're rock band. Don't tell your parents you snuck out of being grounded.

Ever step inside of a bubble gum bubble then hot box it. Seeing them will be well worth your allowance. Cuter than puppies dressed as cats.

Deadly Technologies
These dudes do things behind robots that they can't show on tv. Dance, laugh, write your pen pal in japan. Pay attention....they will be your ruler soon!!!

*Note I didn't write these descriptions, that would be Jon Rehr, but hes pretty much spot on with every darn word.

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