Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Just Couldn't Wait

Sometimes I receive new tid bits I'm so in love with I have to numb my desire to write scads about how much I enjoy them and just get them posted to ignite your aural fires. It helps that tonight I am so beyond tired that writing a lot wouldn't be doing anyone any favors.

First Up: Mark Mallman, my fellow Minnesotan and the front man for Ruby Isle, is releasing his new album Invinceable Criminal in August. Here is a track off said album - You're Never Alone In New York as well as the cover of Boy In The Bubble MM did for the Buffet Libre Rewind. Mallman was a frequent visitor to our campus bar/music venue The Cave so I've seen him a bunch and every time is a little more frenetic than the last. I will certainly be hunting him down on his pending tour.

Next up: IAMXL. This man is quickly snatching up property on my summer remix playlist. His take on For The Longest Time has been on consistent replay and now he sends along this batch of wonders. Feist's Mushaboom and Bloody Beetroot's Warp are both given the IAMXL spin. Go here: Crack4dj's.net to find out what other spectacular remixes he's been throwing down.

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