Sunday, December 28, 2008

clearing the slate

Oy Vey! Its been ridiculously long since I last posted but I have so many reasons/excuses why that simply trying to figure out how to recap them all has become one of the factors contributing to the delay. Ultimately they can be summed up with: Holiday Prep, holiday travel, viscous clinging illness, sad passings and major decision to quit my job to dedicate myself full time to my small business creative development/marketing company Spigot Marketing.

So not only have I been so busy I'm too tired to sleep I have also been overwhelmed with stuff I want to post that I didn't know where to start. In the spirit of somethings better than nothing I'm going the bullet point route. Sadly I'm not going to be able to give them the coverage they deserve but I need to clear the slate so I can move on to the new year.

  • I got to attend my first Making Time, a Philadelphia dance party institution that I had heard a lot about but never attended, and despite having a horrid cold I rallied got, got my hairs did, rounded up the troops and headed up to Transit. There was four floors of rotating DJs (all rockin their own genre), free Sparks (a vile caffeinated malt beverage), fantastic people watching and surprise guest CSS. I must confess I am not the biggest CSS fan but they sure know how to charge a live show. It was chaotic, loud, dancey goodness. LOVED IT and I can't wait for the next Making Time.
  • Reconnected with an old friend while home who is now a Grammy winning producer and got to see the process behind the voting and exert a little influence on his vote.
  • Previously mentioned friend gave me his most recent project the first record by a Nashville band which I will be reviewing in tomorrow's post. This will be my first review of a band no one else has reviewed which is exciting in a total music nerd kind of way.
  • I started mapping out my 2009 concerts which will kick off right next week with my second Frightened Rabbit show and includes shows by Lykke Li, Tapes 'n Tapes, Bishop Allen, Yarn, Nappy Roots and Yo Majesty to name a few.
  • Finally, I have decided to figure out how to produce my first show. I think it would be a TON of fun to brings some of my friends into town for a night of music fun so stay tuned to hear all about this endeavour and so much more...

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